4 days and  21 Instructions 


Kate Allen

1.     Using the clay that is on the bag on the table recreate the sculpture that is described on the sheet of A4 paper.

2.     Using only the putty rubber copy the image in the photograph onto the left hand sheet of paper.

3.     Using only one finger at a time smudge approximately three quarters of the charcoal on the right hand piece of paper. The area that you smudge must be a solid shape that does not reach the edge of the paper.


Kate Janes

4.     Put your Kate T shirt on which is hanging up by the window.

5.     Take off your shoes and put your brand new black paper ones on.

6.     Draw the shape I created on the right hand piece of paper on the wall opposite with charcoal.

7.     Put the cones out in a line with a gap in between them.

8.     Turn the volume up on the tape player.

9.     Take the red ball and practice your football skills around the cones, once you have done this turn the radio off.

10.   Build yourself shelter, once completed sit inside and eat your treat think about everything you have done today.

11.   Hang your t – shit back up put your old shoes back on and leave


Kate Allen


12.   Pinned to the wall on the right is a pencil drawing of a solider, as you can see I have had trouble drawing the mouth? Please draw a mouth for the solider.

13.   Taking the book by heart with you go and stand by the window, read aloud each of the poems marked with a blue tab, once you have read the last poem please leave the book on the window seal.

14.   On the left hand wall next to the black drawings I have drawn a rectangle into this rectangle copy as closely as possible the printed black and white image that I have left you on the desk, please scale the image up to fill the rectangle and use only the black water coloured paint provided, you must not use lines but only blocks of grey colour.

15.   Pin the printed image onto the wall opposite your painting.

16.   Using the disposable camera go and photograph 20 individual MA studios. The choice of which studio to photograph is yours my only preference is that the studio should empty, empty of people that is. However if there is someone in the studio that you wish to photograph please insure that their face is turned away from the camera

17.   Please leave the camera on the desk on the project space and inform me that you have finished. Return to the project space in 2 and a half hours to view your photographs and listen to the final instruction.

18.   Arrange the photographs face up on the small table.


Kate Janes

19.   Turn the tape player on and wait by the window for the girl in the yellow hat and red t-shirt to make an appearance, once you see her copy her movements

20.   With charcoal make a list of all the dance moves you can remember doing write these in the charcoal shape.

21.   On the small table there is piece of card, prit- stick a piece of card and some scissors please curate your own show.





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